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Productivity has declined 32.3%. Juice-making, particularly. Hmm, perhaps I should visit the grocery. Seeing what is in season might inspire me.


I wonder if Juice can be used to mop up oil spills? This bears some investigating.


Aah... that was 85% a bad idea.

My absence was caused by  an unfortunate ... accident. Apologies to those who had to cover my shifts.

[ooc: explosion in Inui's underground lab knocked him out for a couple of days]
Beginning Phase II of tests for Inui's Hyper Power-up Juice.

[ooc: so, Inui has made something like SuperCoffee-- five times as strong as five shots of expresso, tasteless, odourless, colourless... feel free to have had him spike your character's drink. He might have also put some in pet food :|  Subjects will be extremely hyper for a couple of days, then crash like they have never crashed before...]


Fuji. Would you like to have a taste of my latest Juice? I added some prickly pear. I am 99% sure you will like it.


Happy birthday, Yukimura.

[ooc: Yukimura got a pot of chrysanthemums]
Happy Birthday, Fuji.

[ooc: Fuji gets a giant vat of his favourite Inui Juice and a pepper spray keychain]


Would anyone like to try my Extra Special Rabu-Rabu Pink Explosion? Specially created for the season.


Jan. 23rd, 2010

Ah, Valentine's is soon, again. Which means a multitude of pink, sparkly, or chocolatey cocktails for the ladies. We even use heart-shaped ice cubes. Female patronage has increased 15.3%. I am not looking forward to when they start decorating, too.

Old Teammates

This is somewhat belated, but I believe we should have a Seigaku reunion.

This would help me collect data to compare with your junior high selves


So, I've been tasked with creating new drinks for the ball.

Any volunteers to test my creations?